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Dear Steve and Shirley, I am 25 yr woman with 3 dads. I have my biological father who I have only met 3yrs ago. I have my dad that raised me and my dad married to my mom for a few yrs. My dilemma is I have heard that you should not put step in […]

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In the middle of filming his "Ask Steve" segment, the host bolted off the set of his talk show when he heard glass shatter.

Married and thinking of cheating YOLO. Dear Shirley and Steve, I am a 34 year old mother of 4 and have been for married 10 years. My marriage seems to have become a business relationship as I believe if it were not for the children we would have no incentive to continue our relationship. We […]

He Wanted It Before but He Doesn’t Want It Now Hi Shirley and Steve , I am not one to have let a man walk over me. However, a few months back I met someone who made me let go of the guard I had held up in protection of my heart. In November I met […]

Sex Assault or Overthinking? Good Morning Shirley & Steve! I’m a 23 year old working woman who is madly in love with her 27 year old working man with whom I’ve been with for over 3 years. We have issues like any other couple but at the end of the day, we work through them […]

Subject: My Husband donated his sperm to his ex Hello Steve & Shirley, I just found out that my husband has a 2yr old child with his ex-wife. When I confronted him about the child he told me it wasn’t his child it was a “tube baby”, He says she is a product of IVF […]

Subject: Me, Married Guy and his proposal Hello Steve. I read your book. It’s amazing. Here is my situation. I’m a student with the zero income. He is an owner of business with an income $15,000 a month. We are both active and adventurous (his wife not). What he is looking for is amazing sex […]

Me vs. His girl best friend Hey Steve I am a 21 year old girl I’ve been with my boyfriend for 8 months and just recently found out I was having a baby, about a month ago my boyfriend asked if his female best friend can come stay with us for 2 weeks, even though […]

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She is the problem! Dear Shirley, Steve, Carla and Tommy Well I have been in a beautiful relationship for 4 years and he has finally popped the question. Me and my fiance have been going thru some problems the last couple weeks and its all because of his ex-girlfriend. Now for the last 4 years […]