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Steve Harvey is in Orlanda for his annual Steve Harvey’s Dreamers Academy and shared with us how hard it is parenting being that he is now a celebrity and can provide and do more for his compared to when he was a child. Watch the video above.

Comedian, author, radio and talk show host, Steve Harvey has announced his support of Hillary Clinton. During his radio show he said, "She has fought for social justice, equality and policies that expand civil rights and economic opportunities."

Listen to Steve and Shirley Strawberry’s response BELOW

Subject: Good man, Horrible Sex Dear Morning Show Crew, I have been dating this man for over 2 years now. He is wonderful in every aspect except 2: Hes not romantic and the sex is horrible. Hes 35, Im 29. He takes good care of me, we have great coversations and we hardly ever argue. […]

Return of the dead beat Dear Steve Harvey morning show family, My son was conceived during a one-night-stand. I have tried to get to know his father after the fact so we can have a cordial relationship for our son. He came around and met our son for the first time a few months after […]

With the Oscars just days away, Steve Harvey has some advice for his friend and fellow comedian, Chris Rock, who is hosting the show. Be bigger and blacker! On Thursday’s episode of The Steve Harvey Show , Steve said, “he has got to host this show,” he said. “It’s absolutely wrong for (people) to ask him not to.” […]

Subject: Pimpin Ain’t Easy This my second time writing you Steve. I really hope you can get to me. Here is my problem. My uncle and his wife has been staying with me for a couple of months now. He has raised me since i was a little boy. I’m 29 now. As my uncle […]

Subject: Children with a Married Man  Dear morning show my name is annisa but everyone calls me ann the reason why iam writing is because i was messing with this married man for yrs and i also was married am recently divorced, anyway me and this married man had two children on the side together […]

Listen to Steve and Shirley Strawberry ‘s response BELOW

No matter what he’s gonna pay Good morning Shirley and Steve, Im shaking my head at myself as I write. I’m a 38yr old woman with 2 teens. I’ve was with a man ,who is 10yrs older, for 1.5yrs, we got engaged and I moved into his home. During the 6 month engagement, the wedding […]

Singer, actor and Brandy’s little brother, Ray J hasn’t been making headlines for his music for the past few years, instead he’s trending on social media for his role on everyone’s favorite ratchet reality show, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. For the past two seasons, we’ve seen the dramatic ups and downs of Ray J’s relationship with […]

Where do I get the guts? I am still married but have lived on my own for 2 years. I had been been with my husband since I was 15, took a 2 year break, got back together, had a kid and separated when the baby turned 4 due to my husband’s drug addiction issues. […]