Steve Harvey Morning Show

    Steve Harvey caught up with Swizz Beatz to talk about DMX last album, “Exodus”.  Listen to the interview found on this page to find out what challenges Swizz Beatz experienced during the process.  DMX last album is available now.    

Dear Steve and Shirley, I am in my late thirties and I’m married to an older man. We dated for a short amount of time and he moved in with me before we got married 4 months ago. My home is in a cozy, close-knit community and one of my neighbors recognized my husband and […]

Dear Steve and Shirley,   I met a 42 year old divorced man online a month ago and he was absolutely everything I asked my heavenly father for.  We do bible study every night, he has a very nice smile and he is self-employed.  He too said I was everything that he asked for in […]

Strawberry Letter Podcast:  I don’t really click wit his wife Dear Steve and Shirley, I met a great guy on a dating website and we ended up getting close and after a few months of dating we got a place together.  Four months later I find out he’s very happily married and he’s having a […]

Strawberry Letter Podcast:  Two Surprises In One Night Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a 29 year old divorced woman dating a 29 year old man that I’ve been friends with for years.  I have two friends from my relationship so I sleep over his house for now….  

Subject:  She said all I want is relations and money Dear Steve and Shirley, I’ve been living with my current girlfriend for 2 years and everything is great until we start talking about our finances.  I ‘ve worked since I was a kid and now all I want to do is save money and keep […]