There is an ingrained racial and gendered bias in who is entitled to be seen as fun and relatable as an elected official. 

In his opening remarks, Biden said he would use the federal government's full power to oppose state-level efforts to restrict autonomy and invade personal medical decisions.

The WNBA star is facing up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Graphic video footage shows the deadly brutality African migrants faced while trying to cross the border from Morocco into Spain.

Despite his cooperation, Alexander remained almost defiant in his statement, clearly playing to those who still believe in his claims and fabricated cause.  

Jennifer Rourke, a reproductive justice organizer and candidate for Rhode Island District 29, was assaulted by an off-duty officer reportedly running for the GOP nomination for the same district at the time.

Videos showed huge crowds amid reports of a stampede, but no cause of death was reported. The post Videos Show Massive Crowds At South African Nightclub Where ’22 Teenagers’ Died appeared first on NewsOne.

Even states that are considered “safe” for abortion seekers could act to further protect and support the fundamental right. Jennifer Driver, State Innovation Exchange’s senior director of reproductive rights, further explained the importance of taking affirmative action in the wake of the SCOTUS abortion decision in Dobbs.  

The glee and excitement at the Supreme Court removing constitutional protection from a fundamental right should alarm us all.  

Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Wandrea Arshaye Moss, testified before the January 6 Committee, detailing the harassment and targeting that began between the 2020 general election and the 2021 Georgia Senate Runoff election. During her video testimony shared Tuesday, Freeman shared the horror of having the president use his platform and power to attack her by name. Both mother and daughter described fearing for their safety. Previous reports documented countless threats of violence, with no law enforcement agency intervening to protect them in the months after the election. 

The environmental activist was elected after the country's historic presidential vote.

As many celebrate the second annual Juneteenth federal holiday, a Congressional committee examines the white supremacist attack on the Capitol. The backlash and growing fear of a diversifying political electorate are not new. White supremacy has always been threatened by Black political participation and multiracial coalition-building.