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Hey it’s Maria More and I got Musiq to share with me why he has a “love/hate” relationship with his fans. Stay tuned for his new music coming soon! Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Comedian and writer Jordan Peele stopped by The Ride with SiMan and Chubb Rock and revealed why he decide to write a film like “Get Out”. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! “I love horror, I feel like there’s been a lack of representation in horror movies…black people die first…There’s a difference on how black people […]

Maria More shares tips on which foods to eat to help you burn fat. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Maria More shares ways you can lose weight without working out! Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Hey it’s Maria More with a new edition of Wellness Wednesday! Sometimes we focus on our body goals too much. Instead, celebrate other areas where you have made progress, like increased energy, or being in a better mood. Here are a few ways to keep you inspired on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

In this edition of Wellness Wednesday, Maria More shares 3 things that can contribute to your mental health. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Postive Affirmations. Remind yourself how awesome you are. Positive People. Surround yourself with positive people who support your new fitness and nutrition goals. Get enough rest. RELATED: Maria’s Fit Tip | 3 Ways […]

In this edition of Wellness Wednesday, Maria More share the foods you eat before and after your workout routine! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Wellness Wednesday: Why Meal Planning Is So Important [VIDEO] Wellness Wednesday: 3 Ways To Burn More Calories…

Our midday jock and health and lifestyle expert Maria More just held a Pop-Up Zumba Fitness class in the lobby with our staff members !! “Fit Fridays” is a real thing, y’all! Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Actress Cassi Davis stopped by The Ride to share details about her new engagement and why she still answers anytime Tyler Perry calls! She also hints at new “House of Payne” spinoff show as well. See more of Davis in Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween and Tyler Perry’s Madea On the Run – The Play available of Blu-Ray and […]

In this edition of Wellness Wednesday, Maria More shares this importance of meal planning! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! RELATED: Maria’s Fit Tip | Healthy Meal Planning For Weight Loss RELATED: Maria’s Fit Tip | Try This Helpful App For Meal Planning RELATED: 3 Meal Planning Tips For The Working Mom If you are interested in […]

Hey it’s Maria More with a new edition of Wellness Wednesday! Can’t get to the gym everyday? No worries! Did you know there are simply ways to burn extra calories while you’re at the office? If you’re tight on time and can’t “workout” everyday, check out these simple tips that can help you lose weight […]

Tony Gonzalez shares what life’s like now as an actor and how his new career is alot like the game of football. He also shares advice on taking charge in your career the second time around. XXX: The Return of Xander Cage is in theatres now! Sign Up For Our Newsletter!