Its New Edition weekend and all weekend we will be playing all of the hits from them, Join us by sharing your favorite NE Songs and videos and your New Edition experience <!--more-->

Learn what foods are going to help prevent <strong>breast cancer</strong>.

Si'Man Baby personally congratulates the winner of the trip to Bermuda, audio inside <!--more-->

Hello Beautifuls! Just skipped over here from to give you the low-down on Alicia Keys.  Didn’t she look ga-ga-gorgeous at the BET Awards?!  Well, I wanted to know how the look was put together and had to search no further than our UBC’s very own Style Squad members Wouri Vice and Tippi Shorter.  Yep, […]

Feasts celebrating mothers have existed throughout the world since the beginning of time. The modern version of Mother’s Day in the United States, was first…

Happy Mother’s Day from Hello Beautiful! Check out all our Mother’s Day related posts from affordable gift tips to celebrity mama love! GALLERY: Celebrity Mama’s…

There are certain times in life when silence is recommended, and even required. These times would include a funeral, a library and maybe the random trip to God’s house. Conversely, there are also times when one should be a chatty-Kathy – these would include cocktail parties, gab sessions with your girlfriends, and a rowdy night […]

Money is powerful, and it can become a real beast in a relationship! Money can cause severe marriage or relationship problems – especially if you don’t have enough. According to Dr Judy Kuriansky, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship, money is one of the top three sources of tension between couples. […]

As more news about R&B performer Chris Brown’s alleged assault on singer Rihanna comes our way, we ask the question, is it easier to walk away or stay with a partner who is violent? I’m sure most of us know someone who has been in an abusive relationship and while it’s not an easy subject […]

When it comes to mopping the floor, it’s a pain in the butt to move the chairs around a table. However, the folks at Ikea have come up with the perfect solution. These chair hangers are brackets that mount to the underside of your table to make cleaning your floor easier. Here’s hoping the folks […]

Hello Beautiful, get ready to be taken on a hair extravaganza with no other than Fredric Fekkai stylist to the stars, Johnny Wright!

Who needs pictures when you can light your walls up with these? Each sleek, sculpted, stainless steel Chiasso arc mounts on the wall and holds a solitary tealight, and you can put two or more together to create a stunning light gallery. A little pricey at around 48 dollars each, but oh so worth it.