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One year after the historic election of <strong>President Barack Obama</strong>, CNN, HLN and Essence Magazine are taking an unprecedented look at his impact on black men in America. Be sure to watch <strong>"Black Men in the Age of President Obama,"</strong> on CNN, this Saturday, Oct. 31 at 10 p.m. ET. <!--more-->

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The <strong>House</strong> speaker, <strong>Nancy Pelosi</strong> of California, on Thursday unveiled an $894 billion health care package that would provide insurance to up to 36 million people by broadly expanding <strong>Medicaid</strong>, the state-federal insurance program for the poor, and by offering subsidies to moderate-income Americans to buy insurance either from private carriers or a new <strong>government-run plan</strong>. <!--more-->

For more info about the <strong>President</strong> paying respects to <strong>fallen soldiers</strong> continue reading.<!--more-->

Have an issue or do you need advice? Submit a letter and you could possibly hear the letter you submit and get advise from <strong>Steve Harvey</strong> and <strong>Shirley Strawberry.</strong> Click below to read today's <strong>Strawberry Letter</strong>. <!--more-->

Everyone from <strong>Will Smith</strong> to <strong>Jennifer Lopez</strong> showed up to the Hollywood premiere of <strong>"Michael Jackson's This Is It,"</strong> but the real star of the evening was the King of Pop himself.<!--more-->

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The deaths of so many celebrities in recent months have highlighted the continued public fascination with stars -- even beyond the grave -- and the booming industry surrounding dead celebs. With <strong>Forbes</strong> about to release its annual "top-earning dead celebrities" list, it's possible that <strong>Michael Jackson</strong> may be poised to earn more than <strong>Elvis Presley</strong>. <!--more-->

The <strong>National Capital Planning Commission</strong> gave final approval Monday to a new security configuration for a memorial to <strong>Martin Luther King Jr.</strong>, clearing the way for construction of the long-awaited monument.<!--more-->

Police believe as many as a dozen students witnessed a 15 year old girl be gang raped outside of a homecoming dance in <strong>Richmond, California</strong>. For more on this shocking story continue reading.<!--more-->

Give us your response to today's <strong>Strawberry Letter</strong>: "I have gotten myself into a huge pickle. This is the situation. I have been off and on again with my child's father. We were on the outs last November. I decided to go on Black People Meet and find a friend." Click below to read the entire letter. <!--more-->

Listen to <strong>Steve Harvey's</strong> insight on how we should continue to give thanks to our haters.<!--more-->