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Today's <strong>Message of the Day</strong> deals with the age-old saying of putting all of your eggs in one basket. Click below and hear <strong>Steve Harvey</strong> break it down. <!--more-->

This week the <strong>White House</strong> released the much-anticipated official <strong>Obama</strong> family photo on its Flickr page. The portrait was taken in the Green Room of the White House on September 1 by famed Vanity Fair photographer <strong>Annie Leibovitz</strong>. Click here to see the photo. <!--more-->

With four nods each, <strong>Beyonce</strong>, <strong>Maxwell</strong> and Decatur-native <strong>Keri Hilson</strong> lead the pack of nominees of the 2009 <strong>Soul Train Awards</strong>, which will be handed out next month. Click below to read the entire list of nominees. <!--more-->

New <strong>White House</strong> pay czar <strong>Kenneth Feinberg</strong> called for 90 percent cuts for <strong>Wall Street</strong> execs, but some say there are still loopholes in the White House plan that the banks can crawl through.<!--more-->

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter <strong>Ledisi</strong> stopped by <strong>"The Steve Harvey Morning Show"</strong> today. Click below to hear here live performance and interview. <!--more-->

Click below to hear <strong>Steve Harvey's</strong> inspirational <strong>Message of the Day</strong>. <!--more-->

The <strong>Philadelphia Phillies</strong> have earned their second straight trip to the <strong>World Series</strong> after defeating the <strong>L.A. Angels </strong>.<!--more-->

Just weeks after the videotaped murder of <strong>Derrion Albert</strong> shed light on Chicago’s teen violence problem, now comes word that the city's <strong>Robeson High School</strong> has an alarming 115 students pregnant. Click here to read more. <!--more-->

Shirley, I have a problem with my brother and his wife. My mother has always raised me and my 5 brothers to always be honest about things and respect women as well as ourselves. This is something all of us have always shown until here recently. My second oldest brother recently showed up here at my home with another woman that was not his wife. Click below to read the rest of today's <strong>Strawberry Letter.</strong>

A San Diego school bus carrying no children crashed into a home recently. Fortunately there were only minor injuries, although the house sustained extensive damage. Click here to see a video of the bus. <!--more-->

French Vogue has triggered charges of racism after shooting model Lara Stone painted black from head to toe..<!--more-->

Best-selling author Teri Woods is part of a $1 billion class-action lawsuit filed against a New York City nightclub alleging racism. Woods and several others claim that a club in Manhattan's SoHo district barred black partygoers from entering the nightspot, which was hosting a book party for Woods. <!--more-->