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Did the infamous <strong>kiss</strong> between <strong>Toni Braxton</strong> and <strong>Trey Songz</strong> at the <strong>Soul Train Awards</strong> break up her <strong>marriage</strong> to former <strong>Mint Condition</strong> band member <strong>Keri Lewis</strong>? Click here for details. <!--more-->

<strong>President Obama</strong> and wife Michelle were in <strong>Texas</strong> today to meet with victims of the <strong>Fort Hood</strong> tragedy and to take part in the <strong>memorial</strong>. <!--more-->

Watch this <strong>video clip</strong> from <strong>MSNBC's "Dr. Nancy" show</strong> to see how <strong>abortion</strong> is figuring into the <strong>health care reform</strong> debate.<!--more-->

<strong>Shaunie O’Neal</strong> has officially filed for <strong>legal separation</strong> from her husband, <strong>NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal</strong>. Click below for details. <!--more-->

<strong>Kareem Abdul-Jabbar</strong>, one of the greatest college and professional basketball players of all time, says he has been diagnosed with a form of <strong>blood cancer</strong>.<!--more-->

<strong>John Allen Muhammad</strong>, the mastermind of the <strong>2002 sniper attacks</strong> that terrorized the <strong>suburbs of the nation's capital</strong>, is scheduled to <strong>die by lethal injection Tuesday evening</strong> at a state prison near <strong>Jarratt, Virginia</strong>.<!--more-->

During Monday night’s quarterfinal competition of <strong>"Dancing with the Stars,"</strong> judge <strong>Len Goodman</strong> said his only disappointment with <strong>Mya's</strong> routine was, “I couldn’t find anything to criticize.” Check out a <strong>video</strong> clip of her <strong>performance</strong> here. <!--more-->

The <strong>House of Representatives</strong> has <strong>passed</strong> a sweeping <strong>health care bill</strong> by a vote of 220-215. Read below for details. <!--more-->

<strong>Film critics</strong> weren’t the only ones going crazy over the movie <strong>"Precious."</strong> Playing in <strong>just 18 theaters</strong>, "Precious" grossed a phenomenal <strong>$1.8 million</strong>, according to studio estimates. Read more and watch the trailer here. <!--more-->

If you missed <strong>Rihanna's</strong> interview on <strong>"20/20"</strong>, we've got it here. Click below to watch it.<!--more-->

A late hit from former Falcon <strong>DeAngelo Hall</strong> of the <strong>Washington Washington Football Team</strong> causes some mayhem at the <strong>Georgia Dome</strong> on Sunday. <strong>Coach Mike Smith</strong> was involved in the scuffle. <!--more-->