<strong>Tyler Perry</strong>, appearing on <strong>60 Minutes</strong>, said he was “insulted” and “pissed off” by <strong>Spike Lee’s</strong> criticisms of Perry’s hit TV shows and movies. Lee recently called Perry characters such as <strong>Madea</strong> examples of “coonery” and “buffoonery.” <!--more-->

Private sessions with <strong>Clairvoyant Dorothea</strong> will begin at noon today, so have your name and birth date ready so Dorothea can take a look into your future. Read more details below. <!--more-->

Take a listen to <strong>Nephew Tommy's Prank Call</strong> from <strong>"The Steve Harvey Morning Show.</strong> Prepare to laugh! <!--more-->

Listen to what happened when <strong>Oscar</strong> nominee <strong>Taraji P. Henson</strong> was on <strong>"The Steve Harvey Morning Show."</strong> Click below to hear about her upcoming projects. <!--more-->

Today's <strong>Message of the Day</strong> deals with the age-old saying of putting all of your eggs in one basket. Click below and hear <strong>Steve Harvey</strong> break it down. <!--more-->

Join <strong>Carol Blackmon</strong>, <strong>Jaquitta Williams</strong>, <strong>Terri Vaughn</strong>, and <strong>Angie Stone</strong> for <strong>"Women's Wednesdays."</strong> The ladies will be talking about everything from relationships and spirituality to taboo topics. <!--more-->

The <strong>Fulton County</strong> school board has reduced their school year from 180 days to 177 days. They have also extended their normal school day by 10 minutes.<!--more-->

Today's <strong>Strawberry Letter</strong> is from a woman in a relationship that lacks intimacy. That has changed since her "friend with benefits" starting taking Viagara, but there is a side effect. Click below to read the letter. <!--more-->

<strong>Michelle Obama</strong> has talked about her roots in <strong>South Carolina</strong> before, but a recent <strong>New York Times</strong> article revealed that the First Lady's ancestry can also be traced back to <strong>Rex, Georgia</strong> in <strong>Clayton County</strong>. Click below to read this amazing story! <!--more-->

A federal operation targeting violent Mexican drug cartels has lead to several arrests in metro Atlanta. Authorities arrested 31 people in <strong>Gwinnett County</strong>, three in <strong>Cobb</strong> and one in <strong>Clayton</strong> while recovering a large amount of drugs, guns and cash. <!--more-->

Although much more common among women, many people don't realize that breast cancer can strike men too. Click here to read more information. <!--more-->

In today's Message of the Day, <strong>Steve Harvey</strong> talks about how your attitude often determines your latitude and how far you will go in life. Click here to read the entire message. <!--more-->