About Renee Alston

A Few Words About Me

Jambo, konnichi wa, Shalom, Ciao; no matter how you say hello I greet you with love and light!

My name is Renee, first let me thank you for visiting my site; I’m glad you’re here, “domo arigatou gozaimasu “!! I want to give you a brief glimpse of how this all came about.

I have worked in media sales and marketing for the last 25 years and recently I had several life changing epitomes. First, my dearest sister/friend died at the tender age of 46, secondly my mother took seriously ill after complications from several strokes and subsequently transitioned. Not to mention countless other stresses including but not limited to my life in the fast lane as a senior account manager at one of the top stations in Atlanta. Not that that wasn’t enough! I had other life changing events that left me on my own again. Mind you, all of this in the course of 24 months; but don’t fret. It all brought me to change!!!

I started traveling; I travel for fun! My goal is to get out and see as much of this grand planet as I can. I invite you to join me on my journey! You may choose to take a day trip, or to the beach or international journey. Whatever and wherever it is, we bid you happy traveling. We also want to hear from you. Send us a brief paragraph or two to tell us about your adventure. Make sure you include pictures, we may just feature you as a Featured Seeker.

Lets go!


SOLO TRAVEL Bold, Daring, Adventurous… Not necessarily words one would use to describe me.  And quite frankly, not words I would use to describe myself.  I have always been more of the safe, planned, and calculated type.  You know, keep a list, and run a well-oiled system that works just right for me.  Spontaneous, not […]

Incredible! That’s the one word I can use to describe Ossabaw Island.  You may have never heard of this island; it is not something you would typically find promoted on travel sites or groupon get aways J.  But I tell you what! Once you go there you are not likely to forget your trip!   […]

Adventure awaits me in Japan! Of course I am always trying to find a way to go someplace new and to make it as affordable as possible….. hence on a dime! I recently got a call from my nephew who has been teaching English in Japan for the last 4 years or so. That call […]

All aboard! For many people Florida is the new Spain and weekend trips to New York are scarcely unusual, but the USA has much more to offer than guaranteed sunshine and bargain shopping. Most people travel by car or plane but if you have a couple of weeks or more to travel you should certainly […]