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Omarion‘s recent re-interpretation of Jodeci’s “Come & Talk To Me” and its accompanying R-rated video have drawn a lot of criticism for it’s sexually-explicit nature.  Some have claimed that the video attempts to silence rumors regarding Omarion’s sexuality.

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“I’ve been getting mixed reviews. A lot of people from the old school, that grew up listening to Jodeci, and I’m not meaning in my age bracket, I mean part of Jodeci’s time, they don’t really like it,” Omarion tells Vibe. “But a lot of the young people appreciate it. But I say hey, I was a big fan of Jodeci and I thought it was really interesting as an entertainer that no one has touched any of their records and/or their legacy.”

Omarion’s co-star in the “Come & Talk To Me” video, Rosa Acosta addressed the allegations that the video was meant to silence rumors that Omarion is gay or bisexual to Vibe. “It’s sad that this day the media really don’t care about your new project, what you’re working on but they do care about who youre dating, the sandal, the sexual preference,” Acosta told VIBE. “I’m expecting those type of things to happen because that’s the industry that he’s in.”

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