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Aretha Franklin surprised audiences when she appeared on the 2011 Grammy Awards thinner and healthier looking. The Queen Of Soul was rumored to have had pancreatic cancer that was effectively removed during surger. While Aretha denies being gravely ill she admits to changing her eating habits and kicking her old favorites(soul food) to the curb in an interview with the Associated Press.

“They’re off my diet. They just really don’t fit with Whole Foods[…]I had it for enough years that I don’t miss it. You can’t continue to eat things that are not good for you.”

“When you come off (a high-energy concert), a carrot or some celery just isn’t going to work. I’ve gotta do a fresh fruit thing … and come up with some tasty and satisfying recipes that are going to work for me after concerts.”

Her anticipated album, Aretha: A Woman Falling Out of Love,is set to be out in 2011.

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