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Does He Deserve To Claim Our Child On His Income Taxes?

My ex-boyfriend wants to carry our daughter on his income taxes this coming year. He is on child support and gets her every other weekend. I don’t ask him for additional help and he doesn’t offer it.

He asked me about a week ago if he could carry our daughter and I said no. He got mad and told me don’t ever ask him for anything for her and if he does buy something he is going to take it to his sister’s house. I told him I had to pay $3,000 dollars on a place for us to stay and he replied, ‘what does that have to do with me?’

He has carried her before, but now I have obligations that I have to take care of. A part of me wants to let him carry her,but I’m torn between which is right, keeping the money for me and the kids or just let him carry her because he is her father.

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