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New Year’s Eve can be pretty tough for a single girl because this is traditionally a party night and most people do not want to party alone. There are plenty of people that feel the need to go out just to avoid feeling alone. However, New Year’s Eve can be one of the hardest evenings to party because: all the clubs are double or even triple the price and getting home can be a challenge because law enforcement will be out in full force to deter drunk drivers.

If you have to go out then try to find a house party. Now, staying home is for the brave independent lady and here are a couple tips from to make it even easier. Take care of you and prepare yourself mentally for the year to come.

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1. Spend some time with God. Read your Bible, or a Christian classic, or review your journal from the past year. Reflect on how you’ve grown and what God has taught you. At the stroke of midnight, pray for the year ahead and ask God to guide you in what’s ahead.

2. Pamper yourself. Take a long, hot bath. Give yourself a pedicure. Dye your hair. Choose one or two things you don’t usually have time for or can’t always afford — and give yourself a mini-makeover.

3. Go ahead; break the rules a little. If it’s chocolate you deprive yourself of all year long, then go crazy and make some chocolate treats. If you’ve skipped out on fast food for a while, drive through more than one place for your favorites and bring them home for a smorgasbord.

How To Party-Proof Your Diet This Holiday Season

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