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Strawberry Letter 23: Being Blackmailed

Good Morning,

My husband of 10 years moved out 2 months ago to “so call” move in with his mom so that he can get a ride back and forth to work. Come to find out that he moved in with another woman. When I found out I went to the house. He was there. He claimed that he was being blackmailed to stay with her so that she could take him to work. He said he couldn’t afford to lose his job and be put back in jail for child support for his other kids, (We have 2 and he has 2 by another woman).

He did go to jail for back child support 3 years ago for that. But I don’t care. He cheated on me with this woman 4 years ago. I told him to find another job. He wants me to wait for him until he figures things out. I know that he is lying. He is there because that is where he wants to be. Please give me the advice that I need. I have loved this man for 15 years. Help Me.

Listen to Shirley Strawberry’s and guest host George Wallace’s response.