Strawberry Letter 23: Old Counselo

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am a 34 year old female with three children ages 14, 9 and 3. I also helped raise my 18 year old niece. That was my baby before I had any. She has lived between myself and my mother since birth. She is an A student. For the past month my mother said she has been staying out until 3 a.m. and being disrespectful, not telling who she is with or anything.

She turned 18 less than a month ago. Well she finally admitted that it was her 32 year old counselor from school. My mother talked to the “man” and he came to her house to explain. He says he is a virgin and they are just friends and he has no intentions on pursuing a relationship and if he does it will not be while she is still in school. They text, she has been to his house, they go out bowling, and he has taken her to the next town to see where his mother lives. He is also the minister of music at his church. What the hell?

If my brothers find out someone will get seriously hurt. My mother wants to tell his pastor. I want to tell his behind. What should I do? I do not want my brothers to go to prison. She thinks she is grown now because she is 18 and will not listen. My mother does not want this to get out for fear of ruining my nieces reputation and the family name?!?!?! I think he needs to be “reminded” of how old he is.

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