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November 24th, 2010

RE: Montell Jordan

This is a formal announcement that after 17 years of performing, 7 albums (including 5 #1 Billboard hits) and countless charted songs, collaborations and features, I am retiring as an R&B recording artist from the music business.

I want to thank the original Def Jam Staff for our many great years and success we shared together. I also would especially like to thank the countless fans I have met throughout the last 17 years all over the world for your support. I additionally would like to thank radio, retail, and the talented musicians, songwriters, producers and artists I have encountered during our journey in this industry together. Once again, I am retiring as a recording artist and performer from the R&B music industry.

As this chapter in my life ends, I am excited to begin a new endeavor and passion. As of January 1, 2011, I will be entering into full-time ministry at Victory World Church located in Norcross, Georgia. I will be serving as a Worship Pastor; fulfilling a lifelong calling since my childhood. Yes, I will be a licensed minister. I often have spoken of my Christian belief and faith throughout my R&B career, yet this is my official retirement letter. I have completely dedicated my life to the service of Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior. Jan 1, 2011 I will begin a new and wonderful opportunity to join with others– leading us all into worship, and also will be serving in marriage ministry (Making Your Marriage a Masterpeace) with my wife Kristin, which over the past year has been beyond gratifying.

It is my desire that my life and future music will reflect my Father in heaven and that those who have known me thru R&B music will now be introduced to a great, loving and wonderful God.

I will be performing my final shows and fulfilling all contractual obligations throughout the remainder of 2010, concluding my final LIVE performance of “This Is How We Do It” on Dec 31st, 2010, New Year’s Eve at a concert location soon to be announced. Contact 770-982-3334 for securing final farewell tour dates.

This has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. I know personally that many of my peers in the music business feel the same way about Christ, but have yet to take the leap of faith. Believe me, it IS a leap. It is my prayer that I am only one of the first of many to follow. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

In conclusion, I hope Victory is ready for a miraculous season of transition in worship. Our church was not named Victory WORLD Church by accident. God knew in the beginning and ordained over 20+ years ago when giving Pastor Dennis and Colleen Rouse the vision for Victory that this time was coming. God allowed me to travel the world and witness that there are so many souls out there who hunger and thirst for Christ. Well, it’s time to move forward; not just Victory, but ALL those who claim to love Christ. Thanks to those artists who have gone before me. Please move over just a bit; I’m jumping in the trenches… I’m sending a personal invitation to the saved, the unsaved and especially the unsure to join us over at Victory World Church, 5905 Brook Hollow Pkwy, Norcross, GA 30071 for a chance to meet the King of Kings and Lord of Lords up close and personal. Will you join me?

His Truly, (Loving Jesus and still fly)

— Montell Jordan