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Love Is Blind Season 6 Images of Clay Gravesande and Amber Desiree Smith

Source: Courtesy / Netflix

Clay Gravesande and Amber Desiree “AD” Smith’s relationship on Netflix’s Love Is Blind captivated us all. We tuned in faithfully each week as the viral couple’s love for another grew – or so we thought. We were all shocked when Clay, who up until the moment they were supposed to say ‘I do’ beamed with joy like he had found his forever someone, proclaimed he wasn’t ready to get married. It broke AD’s heart and ours in the process.

Clay has gone viral again. This time for being caught up with proud industry clout-chaser Celina Powell. Powell shared a video of her and Clay seemingly boo’d up sparking rumors they’re dating.

Clay and Celina Powell

Clay and Celina Powell’s romantic clip, captioned with a simple “Life Lately,” sparked widespread debate across social media. If you are unfamiliar with Celina Powell, she is an OnlyFans model and one of the most known groupies in hip-hop. She’s been linked to rappers like Offset, Young Thug, Snoop Dogg and even the late Aaron Carter. Her thirst extends to falsely claming she was pregnant by Offset while married to Cardi B. Powell is currently on the Now That’s TV show Coming Up Miami.

The new clout-chasing couple have posted multiple videos on TikTok, convincing us they are together through corny skits that prove they might just be meant for eachother. In another clip, with over 300,000 views, she wrote “When you’re excited to show off your man but Love Is Blind fans don’t like him.”

How Clay went from leaving AD at the alter, and begging for her forgiveness on the Love Is Blind reunion to dating a porn star.

Clay And AD

Following Clay’s post-reunion behavior and how he attemped to assisinate AD’s character as a reason he got cold feet left fans speclatulting he wasn’t attracted to her in in the first place. Clay only complimented AD’s body, infamously saying “I can work with that,” referring to her voluptous backside as he twirled her around when they first met. And even up to their last moments as an engaged couple when he praised her body before ultimately breaking her heart.

Clay claimed he was hesitant to marry AD because he was unsure about her finances. “Me and AD have a great relationship, but it wasn’t enough where I felt as though that this is the person I’m about to marry,” he said in a confessional after the shocking TV moment. “Marriage is a unity of self. It’s a unity of finances. It’s a business decision and I think there’s certain stuff we should’ve built on.” Clay continued to explain how he didn’t understand AD’s finances portraying her to be finacially unstable and dependent.

AD, a realtor and nightclub worker, refuted his assertions and said set herself up like an adult would knowing she would be unable to work while filming the show.

“My finances have never been funny to make that very clear,” AD told Kamie Crawford in a sit-down interview.

“I understand he wanted to see what it was like, but I told him in the pods I’m leaving my club job because I don’t want to work for my ex anymore until three o’clock in the morning,” she explained. The fitness enthusiast revealed she was used to be “well-keep” and not used to men who “are looking for a hard-working woman.”

Playing In Black Womens’ Faces

We knew Clay was toxic, afterall we witnessed first-hand his father’s narcassistic behavior and his a glimmer of light in his mother Margerita, who attemped to tell him about himself after Clay embarrassed them all.

At the Love Is Blind reunion, AD’s words “I feel like you played in my motherf*cking face,” would ring extra true today when Clay and Powell’s social media relationship was revealed to the world.

Clay’s attempts to discredit AD as a financially responsible adult were just excuses. When it comes down to it, it’s clear he wanted something else from the beginning and indeed playing in her face and all of Black women’s faces for that matter.

This isn’t Clay’s first indication he desired a specific looking woman. Afterall, he revealed he had a celeb crush on Coi Leray — another lightskin woman who is nothing like AD. He even joked, “Coi had to ‘represent for the little booties.’ Which is a far cry from the man in the pods, who claimed to like thick women. it’s all a charade. We never wanted any parts of Celina Powell and at this point, we want no parts of Clay. Have em’ sis.


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