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Bobby Tillman’s heart was punctured as he was stomped to death by four teens at a Douglasville party early Sunday morning, the Douglas County coroner told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“What killed him was that he had a lacerated heart,” Randy Daniel said. “The injury is consistent with a bone being broken and lacerating his heart.”

Daniel said the fatal injury would have come from someone stomping on the 18-year-old Tillman “because they’re putting their whole weight on him as opposed to punching him or kicking him.”

Quantez Devonta Mallory, 18, Horace Damon Coleman, 19, Emmanuel Benjamin Boykins, 18, and Tracen Lamar Franklin, 19, have all been charged with murder and are being held without bond at the Douglas County Jail.

Witnesses said Boykins attacked the smaller Tillman after being hit by a girl during an unrelated fight and declaring he would hit the next guy he saw and didn’t know, rather than strike the girl.

Coleman, Mallory and Franklin joined in, punching, kicking and stomping the 124-pound Tillman, authorities said.

Daniel said Tillman’s slight stature had nothing to do with the severity of his injuries. The number of attackers wasn’t a factor either.

“One guy could’ve done the same thing,” Daniel said.

The injury is similar to a patient suffering a punctured lung from broken ribs, Daniel said, except that this one was fatal.

“It would take just a few minutes [for Tillman to die] because of the loss of blood,” Daniel said.

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