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Strawberry Letter 23: Circles Circles Round and Round

Dear morning show,

I’m am sick and tired of this man but more importantly I’m sick of myself. here it is i am in love with a man that i am sure doesn’t love me. we met my freshmen year of high school lost touch and reunited last year. i always accused him of cheating and i had the grounds to. when we would go out skating i would always catch him in some other hoes faces and sitting on there laps and getting there phone numbers like i wasn’t even there. and when i confronted him he would say im teaching them how to skate. but like a fool i break up with him and get back with him. the sex is incredible and i think that blocking my better judgement. what should i do i do still love him and we broke up for a few months and now are reunited again and i think i wanna take him back.

Signed, getting dizzy