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Featured Organization: The Extension, Inc.

Address: 1507 CHURCH STREET, P.O. BOX 793, MARIETTA GA 30061

PHONE: (770) 590-9075


The Extension is a non-profit, community-supported organization serving Cobb County and the entire metropolitan Atlanta area. Our mission is to facilitate a transformation that empowers chemically dependent men and women to become sober, accountable members of society and to serve as a recovery resource for the community. We provide addiction recovery services through a comprehensive Residential Recovery Program for homeless men and women, outpatient counseling and various outreach initiatives.

Currently we serve 47 men and 21 women. Our residents benefit from this program because they learn how to identify and deal with life’s challenges without turning to drugs and/or alcohol. They benefit by living clean and sober lives which helps them to be better parents, employees, citizens and accountable to themselves and others. The community benefits because the crimes that were once committed by these men and women have decreased, families are re-connected, and employers have reliable and trustworthy employees.

Our planned objectives for the future are to continue providing services to those in need and transitioning residents at a high rate. Our programs are long-term (at least a year) and we have a great alumni network so we intend to use the alumni network to help spread the word and successes about our organization. Last year, one of our major accomplishments was that it opened a residential facility for homeless women. Other accomplishments include transitioning 6 women within a 6 month period, transitioning 10 men, providing services to over 150 men and successfully raising funds to operate programs without using a line of credit.

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