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Dame Dash is in a great space years after severing ways with Jay-Z. The Roc-a-fella founder says is more than open to speaking to him to resolve their issues.


XXL Magazine is reporting that the Harlem, New York native recently discussed his former partner in great detail. During the newest episode of The CEO Show he and acclaimed Hip-Hop journalist Datwon Thomas talked the fall of Roc-A-Fella Records in relation to him and Hov. “When I look at what happened between me and Jay it’s like I blame Jay for letting it happen but all the people that really made it happen are the ones that are…benefiting from him the most now,” he explained. “I was stopping them from getting money. My friendship comes before the business. Either way unless he [Jay-Z] was down with it then it wouldn’t [have] happened.”

The former cake-a-holic went on to make it clear that he is willing to have a sit down with Jay-Z to discuss what went wrong. “Where I’m at now is that if Roc-A-Fella and the ones that weren’t billionaires want to get money on the right terms I’m down,” he said. “I’m telling you publicly I will [have the conversation]. And I’ve never not said that. But Jay’s never had that accountability to have that real conversation with me.” Dame Dash went on to add “I always said as a man that we could always talk it up. Men should always be able to talk things up, but I’m really happy with my life right now.”

While he is hopeful that the two can move on from the past don’t expect him to be doing his signature dance at any Jay-Z concert. “I know the world would love to see it and I’m down for it. If we could create something that inspires me, period. I don’t want to be f**king running on the stage dancing around I’m too chubby for that right now” he said.

You can watch the interview below.

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