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Ciara has, once again, spoken out about the comparisons between Keri Hilson and herself.

When asked by XXL magazine if Keri Hilson has jacked her swag, Ciara said,

“There’s a very, very strong difference between myself and Keri. So I’m not even in that space to go there. I’m way past that mentally and creatively… It’s best that I give my fans what they want.”

“It would be crazy to say I haven’t heard that question before, but mentally I’m not even there…”

“I honestly don’t feel like my spot has ever been taken. If you place Rihanna and Beyoncé aside of each other, you would be able to see clearly that there’s a difference…I’m just pushing to be the best in my own world.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about bad blood between the two ATL songbirds:Did Ciara & Keri Hilson Get Into A Fight Over The Weekend?

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