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Tia Mowry has been the studious twin sibling on Sister, Sister, the resentful WAG on The Game, and the moon-empowered priestess on Twitches. Her characters have struggled with mental illness, challenged relationship dynamics, and endured everything from high school bullies to the pressure to perm her hair. No matter what their circumstances were, Tia Mowry has played roles that all Black girls can relate to. 

Tia Mowry covers our June/July ‘Truth’ issue. While her real life may not be a role, she is the ultimate role model. Whether on-screen or off-screen, Tia Mowry unapologetically lives her life out loud. As she enters a new version of herself, we’re looking back at some of her most popular roles.

Melanie “Med School” Davis Née Barnett on The Game

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Our girl Joan Clayton introduced us to Melanie and her messiness on Girlfriends via a backdoor pilot. 

The co-ed was considering following her college love Derwin Davis to San Diego as he chased a career in professional football. She ended up following her heart into a spin-off comedy designed to show how shady the business of balling could be for the wives, girlfriends, and mothers at players’ sides. 

Melanie was reactive, entitled, and insecure, but we saw ourselves in her. We understood why she was reluctant to lose herself in love. 

Her choices, while slightly baffling, represented what happens when you find the one before you find out who you are. There is not a Black girl who didn’t see themselves doubling back to get her boo after all of the ups and downs. As Saucy Santanta said, the heart wants what it wants. We couldn’t help watching her stumble her way to the life she wanted through several seasons and a number of reboots. 

Tia Landry on Sister, Sister

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Mowry played the twin who followed the rules on Sister, Sister. After a lifetime apart, she was reconnected with her sister (played by her actual Twin, Tamara Mowry), who introduced her to the harmlessness of embracing the power of spontaneity. 

Tia, who was usually reserved, joined in on her sister’s ceaseless antics and even found herself having fun despite herself when the two ended up in wholesome hijinks. 

She had high expectations for herself, convinced that her commitment to academics would land her a coveted place at Harvard University. But after she was rejected and attended Michigan University, she learned more about herself and became closer to her sister than ever. 

Alexandra Fielding on Twitches and Twitches Too

Alexandra accessed magic, not just in the powers bestowed upon her but in the art she created. The dreamy stories she created in the middle of the night conjured up a mystical world of her own inside her head. There’s no one who has not longed to lose themselves in an alternate reality, even if there were no amulets or mystical protections floating around to make those fantasies come true. 

Her sister can see the visions they share, but she can feel them putting them into words that soothe her. 

Sydney on Seventeen, Again

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Sydney was a sullen teenager experiencing a significant amount of change in her home life after being forced to make a sudden move in service of her father’s remarriage. 

When a boy in the neighborhood begins nursing a crush on her, she has to deal with the wrath of his girlfriend Ashley (Maia Campbell) and her circle of cronies. Every Black girl can relate to getting the side eye over something they can’t control from someone jealous about the effects of their fabulousness. 

In the end, she finds strength through confidence and vulnerability. She shares her feelings about being homesick with her grandmother and stands up to Ashley. 

Keisha on Strong Medicine

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Tia played Keisha, the estranged sister to her sister Tamara Mowry’s character Dr. Kayla Thorton, in season six of Strong Medicine

According to a study by Mental Health America, the majority of Black Americans who have bipolar disorder go without treatment, and her portrayal reflected that reality by mirroring the many Black girls who are unable to gain access to the healthcare they need to be well. 

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