Strawberry Letter 23: Should I Accept This Child or Move On?

Good morning Steve and Shirley. My husband and I have been married for six years. We separated our first year of marriage because of his cheating. We got back together after six months of being apart and during that time he got another woman pregnant. When I took him back I was unaware of the situation. We went on with our lives and had a son together. When my son was five months old, he told me that he had a daughter with another woman. I was heart broken. My husband claimed that it was a one night stand and he did not know until a month ago.

I was hurt that he kept it from me and I was also embarrassed. The woman was also married when they slept together. Now, she expects my husband to spend all his time with her daughter. I am hurt by the whole situation and it is hard for me to accept the little girl. I do not know how to handle this situation and I do not want to lose a good man because of his mistake he made. It is hard to talk to my husband because he feels horrible about the situation but he also feels strongly about taking care of his daughter.

Listen to Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey’s response below.