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Strawberry Letter 23: Husband Doesn’t See My Side

Dear Steve,

I’m a 24yr old female who married her high school sweet heart. Two weeks ago his friend came over to our house with not so much as a phone call. He asked if was my husband at work, I said yes and just to be nice asked him did he want to use the house phone to call and see when he’s getting off.

Husband called back a few minutes later and talked to him about get this when he getting off not why are you at my house when I’m not there! At the time I didn’t think nothing of it because he is over here all the time. So I get on the phone and he asking me why is there, why you let him in, and that don’t need to happen. I am gonna  tell myself.

Later that night after we had sex, he gets mad because he didn’t finish and says its because I’m lame and probably f is friend while he was here. I can’t stop thinking about those words because I’m not like that and he through dirt better yet spit in my face.

Sign thin line to divorce.

Listen to Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey response from the show below: