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Courtney B. Vance On Supporting Black Women: ‘I’m Supporting Them And They’re Supporting Me’

"61st Street" Special Screening

Source: Shannon Finney / Getty

The powerful new series, 61st Street, is more than your ordinary television drama. It digs into the deep dark corners of the prejudices that plague the Black community. From police brutality against Black bodies to spotlighting the essence of the Black woman as the backbones of the community, the series provides an intricate view of the corruption, brutality, and injustices within the criminal system as well as the power of unity when the Black community rises together.

We spoke to the stars of the Michael B. Jordan produced show — Courtney B. Vance and Tosin Cole — who opened up about the importance of reciprocating support to Black women. “It’s very important. You know I’m black…Raised by a Black mother, Black aunties, Black sisters, Black cousins, so it’s very important. Where would I be without the black women in my life? Black women have always been there for me,” said Tosin Cole, who plays Moses Johnson.

Vance added, “We are a team. I’m supporting them and they’re supporting me. They wouldn’t be able to do all that they do, if we didn’t cover them. My job is to ask my wife; what do I do… is there anything I need to do.”

This series reminds us how important and still necessary it is to have these socially conscious conversations with our black and brown boys…sons…young men as it relates to being approached or stopped by a police officer.

Catch the new series on AMC which it will premiere on April 10, 2022. Catch the full interview below:


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