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Strawberry Letter 23: Forget Boyfriend/ Baby Mama Drama

Morning to the Steve Harvey Show.

I’ m a 33 year old single mother of one, I work part-time, and a full-time student. I met a guy who had the qualities that I like a man to have, hardworking, his own place, sense of humor, etc. Things went well for some time, then all of a sudden “IT HAPPENED!”

The BABY MOMMA DRAMA/PSYCHO CHIC, she started slashing tires, hacking into his cell phone, being very obessive towards him, then put him child support because she found out he is dating someone. I spoke to him 3 days straight, then all of a sudden on the 4th day his A$$, had AMNESIA, could not rememeber who I was, asking me questions like: How did you get my phone number? Where do I know you from? etc.

I was so shocked as to what was going on. To be honest with you I really think that he is back with his sons mother, because of that $550 he has to pay a month. The way he’s acting I think she put a ROOT on his A$$!