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The long-anticipated third season of the vampire drama “True Blood” premieres tonight on HBO and Parlour magazine interviewed actress Rutina Wesley, who plays Bayou beauty Tara Thornton. During the chat the actress spoke on meeting her husband, actor Jacob Fishel at Julliard and what it means to be in an interracial relationship.

PARLOUR: You attended Julliard, is that where you met your husband, actor Jacob Fishel?

Yes, we were in the same class at Julliard. We thought, ‘if we could spend four years together at this crazy school, then we can make it the rest of our lives.’ He’s an amazing actor, cook and husband. I enjoy him immensely.

PARLOUR: We’re sure you’ve heard the discussions surrounding black women’s dating habits and Regina King recently told us that black women should date outside of their race. Do you agree?

I’ve always loved who I loved and it never mattered to me where they were from. That’s how it should be, wherever your heart tells you to go, you go. A lot of people still have problems with [inter-racial relationships] these days, but I like to focus on what I know in my heart and I found my soul mate. Just because he happens to be outside of my race doesn’t matter to me.

Ritana’s character was originally written as a white woman. See what she has to say about playing Tara @ PARLOURMAGAZINE.COM