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Anika Stewart Wing Liner Tutorial

Source: Anika Stewart / @artfulanika

It’s officially Halloween weekend and if you don’t have your costume figured out yet, don’t worry, because there’s still time to pull something together so you can show up and show out at your upcoming Halloween functions! No matter if you wanted to be a glamourous mermaid or Scar from The Lion King, our resident make-up artist Anika Kai has got you covered with a variety of simple Halloween makeup tutorials that you can achieve at home in no time. And if you’re looking for another look to pull off this weekend, the YouTuber has released a brand tutorial that’ll transform you into this super scary Neon Skull look for the spooky night ahead.

To achieve this neon skull look, simply follow the step-by-step guide below using makeup products you probably have at home!

  1. Start with your basic foundation routine.
  2. Use your eye pencil and draw the shape of a winged liner on your eyes. Fill in the outline with the rest of the black pencil.
  3. Take a pointed brush and blur the edges of the winged liner.
  4. Wrap the black pencil around the lower lash line. Blend it out.
  5. Take a dark green eyeshadow and pad it over the black.
  6. With a detailed, angled brush, add a white line inside the smokey eye. You want this line to be thick so there’s room to pack color on top.
  7. Use a neon green color and a tiny detail brush, pack the color on top of the white.
  8. Go back in with your white eyeliner and make a very thing line on top of the green
  9. Take a matte teal shade and smudge the edge of the green eyeliner.
  10. Repeat on the other eye.
  11. Add mascara and a pair of false lashes.
  12. To create the teeth, use your white eyeliner pencil to draw yourself a guide around your mouth as to where you’ll put the shadow.
  13. Draw a line that connects on top of your cheekbone and finishes on top of your lip. This will become the teeth.
  14. Take the teal color and pack it over the outline. Cover all of the lines.
  15. Take the dark green shade and go around the original outline to deepen the color.
  16. Blend any harsh lines with your fluffy brush.
  17. Take your white liner and go over the neon color.
  18. Go over the white eyeliner once again with the green color.
  19. Using the white eyeliner again, go back in and redefine the highlights around the original outline.
  20. Once you’ve completed all the white eyeliner look, go back in with the teal shade and blend out the edges of your eyeliner.
  21. Highlight your cheekbones for added drama.

Check out the detailed, step by step guide below!

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