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Hair we go again!

You don’t have to be a professional hairstylist to master your child’s natural hair. If styles like cornrows and twist-outs sound intimidating, you’re in the right place. Celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble is here to guide you through another simple hair tutorial that will leave your little one smiling from ear to ear when she shows off her cool kinks in class.

On this episode of “My HAIRstory!” inspired by characters from Craig Of The Creek, Kim welcomes Haydee Belle, an adorable youngster with lots of personality, into her chair. Haydee has long, beautiful textured hair that Kim transforms into two braided pigtails.

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Here’s how you can create this simple style:

Begin by detangling the hair and separating the hair into two sections with a sharp part down the middle of your child’s hair. (Since this takes some patience, give your little one something to watch in the meantime, Craig Of The Creek is always streaming on HBO Max).

Apply a dollop of pomade to the hair to prevent fly aways and help maintain your style. Part a section of hair into three strips and begin weaving the pieces into a cornrow. It’s important to use alcohol-free products like leave-in conditioner and other moisturizing products that won’t dry out your kid’s curly tresses. Apply the same method to the other side of the head. Kim finished the style by applying her own concoction of water, conditioner, buttercream, and curl spray gel.

“When you have curly hair instead of wetting the hair down with water, it’s always great to use things like leave-in conditioners and creams. It will control the frizz better once it dries,” recommended Kim.

Using a diffuser helps maintain the natural curl pattern. Add the final touch on this look by styling those baby hairs and adding accessories!

And boom, another hairstyle in the “My HAIRstory!” books.

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