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Everyday People Contest (Praise, Majic, HOT)

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Nowadays …. Good customer service is hard to find!! So Majic 107.9 / 97.5 has partnered with Bader Scott Injury Lawyers to celebrate EVERYDAY PEOPLE who give great customer service!!  Starting Monday September 27th …. Whenever you get great customer service from that clerk, cashier, wait staff member, Uber Driver, traffic cop, valet, etcetera ….Register and nominate them for an “Everyday People Award!!”  Make sure you include the nominees full name and where they work at!! Then every weekday between the hours of 9 and 3…be on the lookout for Big Ray!! He will be out in the community and may show up at their workplace and award them $250 courtesy of Bader Scott Accident Attorneys.  If they happen to have Majic on at their place of business when he show’s up … we’ll double it to $500!!!


Call 404-888-8888 if you are in a wreck! We’re looking out for people thru out the A-T-L who look out for you!! The Everyday People Award …brought to you by Bader Scott Injury lawyers…and Majic 1075/975 … The Real Sound of Atlanta!


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