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VERZUZ: Fat Joe Vs Ja Rule

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

I recently read a brilliant meme on Instagram that went something like this, “as soon as you big up a guy (she used more colorful language), they let you down.” No truer words have been written. After his wildly entertaining retelling of the Dipset/Lox Verzuz and him praising Ashanti at his birthday party, I was ready to commend Fat Joseph. He even gifted Ashanti and Remy Ma Birkin bags during his Verzuz battle against Ja Rule, last night. Then it was brought to my attention, during my bathroom break (which conveniently occurred every time Joe threw on some gangsta ish), he called Vita and Lil’ Mo, “dusty b*tches” that were pulled out the “crackhouse.” Then body shamed Vita for her athletic body before declaring, “my b*tches is rich.”

At one point, even Ja called out his opponent for calling women so many derogatory names during the lady-friendly event. “I’m shocked at you disrespecting the ladies like that,” he said checking the overzealous rapper. Twitter also took Joey Crack to task.

As expected, Humpy Dumpty Fat Joseph stepped on his social media soapbox to apologize with an apology as sorry as his unnecessary comments. “Shout out to the ladies very sorry if i disrespected i love vida and lil Moe I’m super sorry love my sisters,” he wrote. Womp womp. It was so easy for Joseph to uplift Ashanti and Remy Ma — two Black women who were crucial elements of his biggest songs; but didn’t hesitate to degrade and violate two Black women who he didn’t deem worthy because of their appearance and bank accounts. Chile please. 

Aside from the trout mouth Terror Squad rapper getting himself cancelled on his biggest night, there were a bunch of other notable moments that deserve shine.

Ashanti may have faced off against Keyshia Cole in a Verzuz battle earlier this year, but sis is the real winner of the battle. Fat Joe brought out Remy Ma who also looked TF good. And there was a random, but enjoyable, appearance by Nelly that led to another viral Internet moment (we’ll get there). 

Here’s the Verzuz moments everyone is still talking about:

Remy Ma Looked TF Good

Remy Ma came through looking snatched in a fierce bob and yellow two-piece crop bubble and shorts. Dubbing herself “The Godmother,” she gave fans a tease of new music during the Verzuz event while showing off her breath control during her iconic verses on Lean Back and Ante Up.

Nelly Wants That Old Thing Back

VERZUZ: Fat Joe Vs Ja Rule

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Fat Joe surprisingly brought out Nelly to perform their song Get It Poppin’, which automatically led fans to question if he and Ashanti crossed paths. The two dated for years but mysteriously broke up in 2013. Nelly appeared on stage right before Ashanti hit the MSG hardwood to give her boy Ja the ultimate assist. Ashanti looked snatched, per usual. Blinging. Hair Laid. Makeup on point. Giving the girls natural body ody ody. I hope I look as good as Ashanti did if I ever bump into my ex. Despite never addressing their breakup in detail, Nelly tip-toed over to Ashanti to steal a hug after being amped up by his boys backstage.

Vita’s Abs

VERZUZ: Fat Joe Vs Ja Rule

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Was I the only fan who erupted from their seat when Ja Rule brought out Vita to rap her verse on Put It On Me?! Despite sloppy Joe’s comments about Ja needing to “feed” his former collaborators, Vita showed off her abs in a cropped hoodie.

Fat Joe Gifts Remy Ma And Ashanti Birkin Bags

He lost the battle and got his silly a** cancelled, but Fat Joe did one thing right last night. He gifted Remy Ma and Ashanti Birkin bags. The ladies opened their orange boxes on stage revealing the expensive bag.

Lil’ Mo’s Vocals

Lil’ Mo gave fans what they came for when she stepped out to sing her verse on Put It On Me and I Cry. She looked good and sounding better.


Verzuz ended with Fat Joe and Ja Rule exchanging love for one another, hip-hop and the culture. That’s cool, but Fat Joseph has some explaining to do!


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