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Strawberry Letter 23: What Is A Man To Do!

Good Morning, Morning Crew!

Well let’s get to it. I’m in love with a woman and it’s not my wife! I guess I should give a little background. OK with my wife while I was locked up got out & married her three years later. We have 3 kids two of which she had before me. Last year I met this BEAUTIFUL 25yr old.

Long story short we start dating and she ended up pregnant and gave birth to my twins 3months after my wife had our son! I am so in love with this woman she has another child besides the twins, but unlike my wife she still dresses up and gets her hair done. I mean she has it going on not to mention she works full time goes to school part time.

Well they finally found out about each other. Now my girlfriend won’t have anything to do with me and my wife wants to work things out but that’s not what I want! Am I wrong for that I can’t help I feel. Please tell how to get the girl of my dreams without creating a nightmare.

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