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Reginae Carter has never been one to hold her tongue, but that’s to be expected when you’re a Sagittarius. In a recent Instagram clip, the outspoken offspring of Lil’ Wayne had to get one of her followers together after she came for the health of her tresses. In the post, she is using Mielle Organics products after a quick wash. Dressed in a black hoodie with her natural curls and bare face on 100, the socialite rubbed the Rosemary Mint Strengthening Hair Masque into her hair. In the caption, Reginae explains that her hair has “always been on point for sure, but if its not healthy, then its not good.”

Leave it up to an Instagram user to shade Reginae by expressing that her hair may not be as healthy as she thinks.

“Can you say DAMAGED,” user @_milesesthetics wrote.

To which Reginae replied, “you see the bun at the top of your heading your profile pic look like it can use the same sh*t I need. Stop playing with me! At least I’m trying to do something about my sh*t. WYD?”

@_milesesthetics replied to another user, “lol she’s hurt my sh*t over very healthy, unlike that sh*t and those edges”.

Reginae hit her with one last reply, “@_milesesthetics I’m not hurt. I’m disgusted at how Black women like myself tear each other down so mf much! It’s sad! But sh*t. You start imma finish it. It’s in our blood I guess!”

While Reginae’s honesty is funny, its also very real. There is a community of women who dedicate their time to uplifting women, but there are also the women out there who feel the need to be hyper-critical of one another. Reginae includes herself as she calls out Black women who tear each other down. Her defensive response is a result of always having to stand up for herself. Still, living in the public eye, she should know this comes with the territory. What do you think?


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