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Keke Palmer has been open and transparent when it comes to navigating life after her PCOS diagnosis. She’s dedicated her platform to educating other on the disorder, as well as some skin care and makeup routines she uses to help improve her acne. Understanding that polycystic ovary syndrome is now part of her life-long journey, it is important for her to find positive solutions when flare ups occur.


In an Instagram TV video, KeKe had a heart to heart with her followers. Her caption read, “Wearing Makeup Is Apart Of My JOB! Yes, J-O-B. The greatest thing I’ve realized over the course of my journey with my skin is that none of it has been about my skin. It has always been about my heart and my soul and what my body has been trying to tell me through any ailments I may carry. The beautiful thing I’m learning is that I can heal myself(check out Louise Hay’s book of that same title “You Can Heal Your Body”. Paying attention to my skin and actively healing my skin is a huge form of self love that’s helping me to uncover guilt, shame, trauma and many things that I have not been able to face(pun intended lol) nor aware they were there. When we dive into ourselves even for something that seems superficial like perfect skin or the perfect fit body or full and thick hair, whatever! Self love is apart of that because to achieve those things you must have consistency, discipline and the knowledge. Those things will always lead us to learning more about ourselves and the more we learn the more FREEDOM we posses. I’m ready!!! My awareness is growing and my on and off practice of mindfulness is starting to be more secure in itself. I’m so happy to have love within myself. I’m wishing you all luck and prayers on your personal journeys! We mustn’t ever give up on ourselves. 😍🙏🏾💋

KeKe’s commitment to transparency with her fans helps others who are silently suffering with PCOS. Adult acne is one of the many side effects of the syndrome. People who suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome may also experience hair loss, excessive hair growth on the body, weight gain, heavy menstrual bleeding, and irregular periods. Long-term health concerns include diabetes and heart disease.

KeKe has decided to bring us along with her as she goes through this journey. Her dedication to loving and understanding her body is a major strategy she’s using to heal herself from the inside out. Of all the lessons we can learn from KeKe, this might be the most important one. Huge shoutout to Ms. Palmer for using her platform to educate us all.


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