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If you’re in South America moving dirty take this as your formal warning. The law is feeling very festive about giving out long sentences for the holiday.

As spotted on TMZ the police in Peru are dedicated to their career and they are even staying in theme. Earlier this week a pair of badges dressed up as Santa Claus and an elf while on the prowl for bad guys. According to the report the team busted in a trap house in the city of Lima that suspected of moving pounds of weed. In the footage this festive duo is seen taking a hammer to the door and promptly got to work.

Their hunches seemed to be on point as they found several tons of weed there. Additionally they recovered some guns and paraphernalia on the scene. This is not the first time the Lima Police Department have engaged in disguises in calculated stings. In the past they have dressed up as homeless people and even street cleaners to secure arrests.

You can watch the clip below.

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