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One of Hip-Hop’s most talented producers is ready to get back to his solo career. The RZA has confirmed he has a new project on the way.

In a new exclusive interview, The Abott sat down with with MSNBC to discuss several hot topics including police brutality in America and the ongoing fight for equal rights. The new interview is airing for the first time as part of Mavericks with Ari Melber a series of exclusive conversations with MSNBC’s “The Beat” host Ari Melber and mavericks across music, film and business. As expected he weaved in martial arts into the conversation when discussing civil rights.

“When you look at America like sometime as a Black man it’s dismal. It goes back to slavery, oppression, just fighting for the right speak, right to vote or sit down…have a drink of water. So when you look at the Kung-Fu movies it’s a world different; even though it’s the same problem” he rationalized. “They are still being oppressed by a tyranny government. Even though the stories were similar the setting took me away. Realizing other people are going through the same struggle pain, trials and tribulations as part of the Black community it inspired me.”

Bobby Digital went to reveal that he is currently in the studio crafting his long delayed album The Cure. “Everything I’ve been through this year, the years before, all of the emotions that I never got a chance to sit down and distill and express I can now, you know, I have dug up some old books of lyrics – I always promised my fans an album called The Cure. Right? And it’s kind of was like in the closet and this old big Tommy Hilfiger duffel bag, and then I go down to the beat machines and it’s like I’m playing with them and everything is just, it’s kind of giving me a chance to be like a scientist in the lab again, and I appreciate that part of it.”

You can watch the interview below.

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