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A Kansas City activist is going viral after she completely read the Police Board of Commissioners for filth at their meeting on Monday.

The almost 4-minute read was delivered by Keijah Brooks, a 20-year-old local organizer and founder of “The Chingona Collective,” a queer-inclusive, intersectional organization that advocates for the collective power of Black and indigenous women.


“I spent this morning DRAGGING the board of police commissioners for their COMPLICITY in the brutalization and MURDER of black people in Kansas City. They looked soulless and apathetic as the others detailed their frustration and anguish about the gravitas of this situation. So I used my time to drag them,” she wrote in a separate Instagram caption.

Brooks was part of a group of activists who attended the meeting, calling for the resignation of the Police Chief Rick Smith according to WDAF. Activists spoke out regarding the ongoing police brutality against Black citizens and advocated for defunding the police. The meeting was adjourned and the public portion was later closed, only to restart with a private session, shutting out the input of the public.

During her speech Brooks called out the police for using Black children as photo-ops, noting how flippant the tactic is when those same children will be subjugated to police violence at some point in their lives.

“They’re cute now. And then in 10 years they’re ‘Black male suspect in red shirt and khaki shorts.’ eating cookies and drinking milk with children doesn’t absolve any of you of your complicity in their oppression and continual denigration,” she said.

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“I’m not here begging anything of soulless white folks and self-preserving Black folks. You get one life. And you all, every one of you in this room have chose profits over people. And that’s pathetic,” she continued.

She then proceeds to call out people by name, critiquing some of them for their religious beliefs, all the while adhering to the policy which leads to the violation of Black citizens in their own city.

In the end, she leaves them with a sermon, reminding them that Jesus represented the same community they are actively working to kill.

“I’ll leave you soulless, profit-driven, avaricious, greedy, God-forsaken humans including anyone who works in this building, with one bible verse: from the bible. detailing the life of Jesus. Jesus Christ. Who was another unarmed black man murdered by authorities in the book you hell-bound people claim to love so much? What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?”

On social media, Brooks got nothing but snaps and claps.

We thank our good sis Keijah Brooks for doing the work! And Black women still remain undefeated.

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