One day after the official deadline to return the Census form, nearly 3 in 10 Americans have failed to do so, according to data made public by the Census Bureau.

As of Saturday, the official national participation rate stands at 69 percent. That rate reflects the percentage of forms mailed back by households that received them, but does not include forms returned by the U.S. Postal Service marked “undeliverable.” The measure has never before been used by the Census Bureau, and was developed due to economic conditions and higher rates of vacant housing.

According to the Census Bureau, the national mail response rate was 67 percent in 2000 and the comparable national mail participation rate was 72 percent.

Americans who have failed to return the form by mail can still expect a home visit from a Census worker, with visits set to being in early May.

As of Saturday morning, the state of Wisconsin has the highest response rate, with 78 percent of households reporting. Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Pennsylvania round out the top 5, with each state reporting between 74 and 77 percent participation.