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Bow Wow & Girlfriend

Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

Bow Wow is back on the domestic violence radar after an explosive audio recording was leaked that captured him threatening his ex-girlfriend, Kiyomi Leslie.

In an exclusive audio recording given to It’s On Site, Kiyomi claims Bow Wow hit her in the stomach while she was pregnant. In the audio, you can also hear Bow Wow’s alleged voice telling Kiyomi she’ll have to “fight” him to leave the room.

As the recording starts, you hear Kiyomi say, “This man hit me in my stomach.” Then another woman’s voice can be heard in the recording confirming that the model was indeed pregnant at the time that the tape was recorded.

The hot take is especially damning for Bow Wow after Kiyomi previously revealed she experienced a miscarriage during her relationship with the rapper. As captured by Bossip, after the incident occurred, Kiyomi took to Twitter to detail what happened revealing that Bow Wow not only abused her but also that his mother knew about the alleged abuse, calling her a liar for defending her son and denying abuse claims.

“His weak a** momma called me sounding all concerned that her son beat me… TERESA KNEW her son beat me numerous times and still got on national television to lie… YOU LUCKY MY MOMMA RAISED ME TO RESPECT WOMEN BECAUSE WHEEEEEW! Trashhhhh.”

While the date of the audio and any further details are unavailable, the recordings do shed a light on the 2019 domestic violence incident that resulted in both Leslie and the “Let Me Hold You” rapper being arrested, both with visible injuries in their mug shots.

At the time many came to the conclusion Bow Wow was the victim due to the visibility of his injuries, but shortly after the news broke, Kiyomi revealed in an exclusive interview with Bossip that her miscarriage was not only a result of abuse but that the abuse had been ongoing.

“A ni**a get a few scratches on his face and he loss and got beat up?” Kiyomi said. “LMAO… man what y’all wanted me to do? Let the lame beat me up like he did in the past?”

Leslie also added that the reason she didn’t expose the domestic violence that had occurred publicly because she handled the incidents privately with police.

“I didn’t put my bruises on tv because I don’t have too,” Kiyomi continued. “The police saw them but when I do put them on the “gram” he gonna have an excuse for how I got them too huh? LoI if y’all believe that lame a** ni**a didn’t do NOTHING. Y’all need to be in a mental home with him and his momma. Ni**a no one cares that you a celebrity but YOU! Lmao… them police took his a** cuz I “ LESLIE” had bruises as scratches as well. You better keep calm bro.”

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