Strawberry Letter Podcast: My Wife Is An Escort


Strawberry Letter Podcast:  My Wife Is An Escort

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’ve been married for almost two years and I met my wife on a dating website.  She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and we met in person and quickly fell in love.  I cam with a little baggage and she admitted that she did too.   We’re in our mid 40s so we agreed our PAST was the PAST so that’s where we leave it.  She works as a guest service manager at an elite country club so I can golf at the club for free.  The older wealthy men are very fond of my wife and they often comment on how lucky I am at have her.  Well a week ago I found out why the men like my wife so much.  I was checking my emails one day and my wife had not logged out of her email account and a notification popped up that she had a new message.  The preview of an email said,  If you are free this weekend please call.  I am not a snooper but I read the message…..


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