Strawberry Letter: Her Husband Was My Best friend


Strawberry Letter Podcast:  Her Husband was my Best friend

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am a 27 year old single female and I am in need of advice.  I’ve had a male best friend since high school and he is an active duty officer in the military.  He’s been away for nine months and he came home in April, he got married while he was stationed in Hawaii and I was exciting to meet his new wife and see him.  He planned a small welcome home party in the backyard and it was just like old times. His wife is beautiful and she’s really cool, so I promised to show her around our small town once the businesses started to open up.  They make a great couple and I told my best friend I was happy for him.  I got ready to leave  and I got my phone out to get an Uber.  My best friend told me that it wasn’t safe to be in someone else’s car because of the coronavirus so he insisted on taking me home……

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