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Netflix and chill has taken on a whole new meaning.

Due to the current coronavirus crisis and its subsequent quarantine, most of the nation is expected to remain indoors as the earth heals itself. Essential workers are expected to go to work. Folks who can work from home are exercising that right. Entrepreneurs are becoming creative when it comes to generating an income and everyone else is taking a much-needed mental health break.

In this time of uncertainty, makeup guru, YouTuber, and entrepreneur Patrick Starrr is making the most out of his time in isolation. “I’m more social than ever. On a regular day, it would be me getting ready for an hour or two, you know, the full glam for a red carpet, an event or for a video. Whereas now, about every hour of the day I’m talking to somebody. I’m keeping busier more than ever. I’m doing interviews, talking to my team. Every hour of the day up until about 10pm I catch myself talking to every and anybody,” he said in an exclusive interview with Hello Beautiful.

As an entrepreneur, Patrick is talking to all the right people. He recently collaborated with Jessica Alba on a cute video after she slid into his DMs. “It’s funny because I more so slide into their (celebrities) makeup artists’ DMs. I think because I’m entertaining makeup artists at the same time as being a YouTuber, and social media influencer, having that side of the relationship kind of creates a spark of interest to the celebrities,” said Patrick.

“Jessica Alba is the original Honey dancer in that movie she did years back so it was just fun for her to come in! We danced, we did a TikTok together. We did a tutorial. We talked about her brand and she was super transparent. She’s more so obsessed with being an influencer than any other role that she’s played because this time she gets to play herself with her own voice. It’s unscripted and thats the beauty of this time of being quarantined and social distancing. Ironically we’re able to be social with our own voice and to the beat of our own drum, which makes it really engaging for viewers than any other time,” he continued.

Work life has definitely been an adjustment for practically everyone. Some of us may not have to report to the office, but it’s a good idea to look presentable during those Zoom meeting — even if you’re dressed from the waist up. In terms of keeping the work mojo going from home, Patrick told us what works best for him. “This is such a random tip but wear shoes. It puts you in the right mindset. I feel like being barefoot or wearing house slippers puts me in this mood of home but having shoes on my feet, even if  its a pair of heels, puts me in a different mindset,” Patrick said.

In terms of those video calls, Patrick gives us the details on his routine. “Lots of skincare. Massaging my makeup onto skin with my hands has been a really big one. My skin is loving it. I’ve been dunking my face into super-cold water in the morning just to wake me up and get the blood circulating in my face. Patting my face vigorously and dipping my face into cold water right away literally wakes me up and gets me ready for the day.”


Patrick’s face is his brand. I couldn’t imagine him making an appearance without a fantastic beat. For someone like myself, makeup is for special occasions. Still, this quarantine has taught me the importance of putting on a good face in front of the camera. If you’re a simple gal like myself, and you’re in need of a quick, 5-minute makeup look, Patrick lends his expertise.

“For me personally it’s about having an even skin tone texture. I focus on creating an even base for the face. To achieve that I would add one part highlighter and two-part foundation. Rub in it in by hand so it moisturizes. You’ll get that glow, your skin will look youthful, it’s not suffocating. I’d pat with my three middle fingers under the eyes and I’d just work in concealer in that notion and just lightly set with powder underneath. That’s pretty much the way that I go about applying my base. Then I just sexy it with a little bit of bronzer, blush, lip balm and mascara and you’re literally done in 5 minutes.”

We are currently working with the unknown. It was just announced that schools in New York will be closed for the 2019-2020 year. Unemployment is at an all-time high while the stock market is at an all-time low. Despite the statistics, we are all looking forward to the days where we can walk outside sans the face masks and gloves. For Patrick, he’s ready to head to the airport once the quarantine is lifted. “I think I would fly home to Orlando. I haven’t seen my family in so long and that’s been the hardest. I think that’s why I’ve been FaceTiming them more than ever. That’s the first thing I would do. And also eat with confidence! Eat with pride. And, go shopping.”

Patrick is working on changing the beauty game. His focus has been on creating a positive space for the beauty community as a whole. He takes an inclusive approach with his slogan, “Makeup is a one size fits all.” You can keep up with Patrick via his Instagram page @PatrickStarrr and subscribe to his YouTube channel.


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