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It’s crazy to think that it was only a week ago that we were reporting about white women and their hating tears trying to tear down Bea Dixon for saying in her Target commercial that she hopes she can inspire the next generation of Black girls.

But with her sales up 50 percent, it’s clear that we all won and now we can laugh about it. Case in point: A hilarious Facebook post claiming that the line’s Sensitive Wash has “renewed the warranty” on her “p***y,” has Black folks on social media cracking up.

“First of all, I grabbed a bottle of this due to all the controversy. Annnnd….. I’m pretty sure this shit is cooter crack. This renewed the warranty on my pussy. It’s not even a pussy anymore. I now have a pussae`. This soap knocked a few bodies off of my coochie report. If we had sex before 2016, sorry playa 🤷🏾‍♀️ it sounded like the first few seconds of The Box by Roddy Ricch when I walked out the bathroom, she wrote on Facebook on Monday (March 9).

The Adding, “I know it works because it smells like Clorox. Pretty sure it regrew my cherry. 😭😭 Does it work on edges????




Take a look at this hilariousness for yourself:


With over 50K shares, 45K likes and more than 4K comments, it’s not a surprise that this post went viral.

“Where you buy this at? Honey you sold this product,” one woman wrote on Facebook.

“They sell it at Target’s and Amazon, I might have to go get a bottle or 10!”

“the caption 😭😭 I’m finna try it 😂,” another woman said.

Listen, we know the powers of the Honey Pot. Our very own writer wrote that “harmonized her hooha!” So we get it!

Here’s what we know: Bea Dixon better reach out and put Jelice in her next ad!

Have you ever tried Honey Pot products? Learn more here


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