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Malaika Jones Kebede and Nia Jones Alugbin

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Malaika Jones Bebede decided to start Brown Girl Jane after suffering nerve damage following the birth of her youngest daughter. Brown Girl Jane is a CBD-based line that promotes alternatives to traditional medicine through plant-based, natural products. She began experimenting with different forms of CBD and discovered tinctures made a huge difference in her stress management.

“It provided both mental and physical relief where I needed it most,” she says. Like most mother’s Malaika struggled to balance her full-time job, marriage and personal life. And her sister Nia Jones Alugbin, the same. They joined forces and with the support of their Black girl tribes, launched their business.

“Our product line grew directly from the newfound love of the healing power of plants, and just as importantly, our desire to introduce a realistic, high quality solution to women like us who were constantly balancing full lives and being everything to everyone,” Malaika explains.

The success of Black owned business often depends on their network and support systems. And Black women continue to be their biggest supporters.  “There is really no one who will have your back like Black and Brown women. As graduates of Spelman College, we know this to be 100% true.”

Thanks to the power of their network of women of color, Brown Girl Jane products sold out before it even launched.

“We were approached by a few retail outlets and subscription boxes who ordered our collection and completely sold out of thousands of units a few weeks before we were set to go live. Which sounds amazing, and it was, but it also put us in a really tough situation of experiencing a cash and time crunch to restock before our already announced launch date and not fall flat. It was a weird feeling of being completely grateful for the private success, but also feeling very afraid of not meeting the public expectation of our launch and wider release.”

(Insert bomb a** Black girl tribe here).

“We have so many advocates and supporters and unofficial ambassadors who simply saw what we were doing, loved it, and started to spread the word. They’ve been our friends and family, but also people we’ve never met- women who found us through Instagram or saw one of our products at a friends house. It’s amazing and it reinforces our commitment to our tribe.”

With CBD rising in popularity, Malaika and her sister had to differentiate their services and products from competitors and did so by sourcing into the highest quality products.

“CBD is not created equally, and unfortunately there are a lot of crappy products hitting the market,” she says. “Our mission has always been clear — to create the highest quality product possible that works for the women we love and want to serve. We’ve had a lot of questions about our specific target market and we’ve been unapologetically clear that this was made, in this

way, because we saw a need in our community. Everything we have done in our professional careers, mine in business and Nia’s in philanthropy, has been specifically dedicated to advancing and supporting people of color, and we built this company around that same ethos.”

A big differentiating point for Brown Girl Jane is that it is “100% owned and managed by women of color, made from uncompromisingly high quality, third-party tested cannabidiol, and offered at a fair price because we believe in accessibility and inclusivity.”

Here’s more about their products:

CBD has been used for wellness for thousands of years, and is truly a super plant because of its many benefits and its ability to be utilized in a number of different ways. It also has the benefit of being non-addictive or intoxicating as it works, which allows people to use it easily in their daily lives without worrying about it impacting other functions.

We each have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a series of receptors distributed throughout the body that works to regulate both our physical and mental state. CBD works in the same way, as an external supplement, and helps with everything from mental

issues, such as stress, anxiety, mood and balance, to physical ailments like pain and discomfort.

Check out Brown Girl Jane, here.


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