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A 12-year-old Virginia girl that accused her white classmates of holding her down and cutting out some of her dreads has admitted that she made the story up. The Immanuel Christian School is the same private school in Virginia where the vice president’s wife was a part-time teacher, the New York Times noted.

According to NBC 4 Washington, Amira Allen’s parents have apologized for their daughter’s behavior, adding that she will also be seeking counseling.

“To those young boys and their parents, we sincerely apologize for the pain and anxiety these allegations have caused,” the family said in a statement, adding, “To the administrators and families of Immanuel Christian School, we are sorry for the damage this incident has done to trust within the school family and the undue scorn it has brought to the school.”

Last week the story made headlines when Allen said that she was ambushed by her white classmates her on the playground last week and used scissors to cut off some of her dreadlocks while calling her “nappy” and “ugly.”

“They kept laughing and calling me names,” Amari told CBS affiliate WUSA-TV, tearing up. “They called me ‘ugly,’ said, ‘I shouldn’t have been born.’ They called me ‘an attention-seeker.’”

Camera footage retrieved showed that the accused were somewhere else during the time of the alleged attack. However, the Allen family lawyer still maintains that the girl isn’t lying about being bullied.

Stephen Danish, the head of the school told Essence that they plan on using this incident as a lesson in healing.

“We’re grateful to the Fairfax County Police Department for their diligent work to investigate these allegations,” Danish said in the statement. “While we are relieved to hear the truth and bring the events of the past few days to a close, we also feel tremendous pain for the victims and the hurt on both sides of this conflict. We recognize that we now enter what will be a long season of healing.”

“This ordeal has revealed that we as a school family are not immune from the effects of deep racial wounds in our society. We view this incident as an opportunity to be part of a learning and healing process, and we will continue to support the students and families involved,” the statement added.

It’s unclear what Allen’s punishment, if any, will be.


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