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The lifestyle of a Hollywood star like Lala Anthony is a busy one. From filming projects, stepping out for press appearances, working on her fashion line and juggling the full-time job as a mom, it’s all quite the whirlwind. So, while the star is known for her amazing beauty and fashion moves, it’s not that surprising that she is guilty of one of the biggest makeup faux pas.

As a matter of fact, we are all guilty of it, but knowing that Lala also forgets to take off her makeup at night lets us know that celebrities are just like us. In a recent interview with ESSENCE, the Power actress revealed that sometimes she’s so tired that removing the day’s makeup can become a low priority.

“I was so tired last night,” Lala shares with ESSENCE. “I woke up and Ashley was in the room. She said ‘you didn’t take your makeup off from last night?’ But I was so tired, but I’m not advising that,” she said. “I got to get better at it.”

She continued, “I have to do a better job at my skincare routine. My best friend, Kelly Rowland, is the master at all of that,” she said. “She’s constantly sending me products and every time we FaceTime, she has a mask on and then a whole beauty light or an LED light on her face. I haven’t gotten that far yet but I want to encourage all my people to make sure you do wash your face every night and take all the makeup off.”

And she is absolutely right! Failing to take off your makeup at night can result in dirt and debris clogging your pores and forming blemishes. You always run the risk of your complexion appearing dull, getting an infection, developing a rash and even breaking down your skin barrier and prematurely aging your skin.

Are you also guilty of not removing your makeup before bedtime? Let us know in the comment section down below!


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