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Bosses, either you absolutely love them…or absolutely loathe them. I have had two incredible bosses throughout my tenure as an employee. They were very patient, receptive to employee ideas and suggestions, considerate of employee personal obligations, always exposing us to new and better ways of handling work matters and also very honest and forthcoming when dealing with company and employment issues. I have also had some not so pleasant bosses who lied, utilized horrible language in the workplace, exposed employees to personal matters going on within their family and also were completely dismissive about employee’s personal and professional growth.

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Whether or not you are currently working for the devil who wears Prada or your boss subscribes to the Google method of a “chill” work environment, here are six tips to assist in improving and/or maintaining a positive work relationship with your boss.


1. Do Your Job, and Do It Well

Positive and beneficial contributions to a company will never go unnoticed. Be certain you put your best foot forward in all of your projects and assignments so your star can shine bright. One thing that can’t be denied is raw talent which assists in the fulfillment of company goals. You will gain positive attention from your superiors by simply doing good work.

2. Communicate Effectively

Bosses hate surprises, especially when the surprises can be detrimental to a desired goal. If you are having issues with a difficult co-worker, or if you do not totally comprehend the work that was assigned to you, respectfully request time to discuss this with your boss so you and your department may stay on task with any deadlines and goals.

3. Get to Know Your Boss Personally

I am not suggesting you and your boss attend weekly happy hours together (if that is not the culture of your company), however, pay attention to their interests and hobbies and attempt to engage in small conversation about these topics at an opportune time. Conversations about outside topics may assist in getting to know each other on a more personal basis and can assist in bringing down any walls that may hinder communication and understanding of each other.

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